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    Expert CSSD Consultancy Services for Hospitals

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    ​Establish and maintain sterile environment by providing best advice on setting up CSSD unit, framing policies, and establishing SOP for sterile processing.


    • Half day, full day or longer courses with hands on training, exams and certificate
    • Calculation of manpower and interviewing / procuring candidates
    • Training in
      1. Handling Instruments in OT after use before sending to CSSD in Covid Times
      2. Receiving and Cleaning Instruments in CSSD and equipment for same
      3. PPE and other precautions required in different sections of CSSD
      4. Arrangement and Packaging of Instruments and Linen
      5. Methods of Sterilization
      6. Quality Assurance and Quality Indicators
    • Documentation of ALL activities of CSSD and hence sailing through NABH, JCI, and other Audits  Collaboration between OT and CSSD through regular meetings  
    • Purchase of Instruments/ Equipment  Preparation of Checklists and Countsheets


    With 44 years of vivid industry experience in a variety of capacities, I am an accomplished CSSD expert. It has always been my passion to work in the CSSD field and I have led CSSD teams in the past in challenging roles.
    My pioneering work in CSSD gave me both theoretical and practical experience, which put me at the top of my field. 
     As a CSSD consultant for 10 years, I have guided and assisted in the development of CSSD protocols, conducted audits, held over 400 lectures and seminars, and helped establish CSSDs at over 200 large and small hospitals.

    For 10 years, I have been a CSSD consultant, and visited over 200 large and small hospitals, guiding and assisting in developing CSSD protocols, conducting audits, holding over 400 lectures and seminars and helping in setting up CSSDs.
    In addition, I am the founder and president of H.S.S.A., an all India body for CSSD personnel and others associated with this department (like surgeons, nurses, OT technicians, microbiologists and administrators).
    As part of my research I have authored  a text book that will be of great value for CSSD and OT technicians as well as OT nurses, and that will be released shortly.


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