T-DOC Transforming through technology

Enhancing Sterile Supply Management with Getinge's T-DOC Solution

T-DOC, is a digital sterile supply management solution

Healthcare & Hospital Sector in India is witnessing an unparalled boom in wake of the post-pandemic era. Improved Government spending on healthcare, growing interest of investors, expansion projects by leading hospital chains and a rising awareness about quality healthcare amongst masses are a few key indicators of the growth of this segment.

Having said so, hospitals in India still find themselves juggling to fit the jigsaw of improved patient care and efficient cost management. Quality care is the need of the hour and so has been maximizing efficiencies in hospital operations. One department that is a major cost-center for any hospital is the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). The CSSD is responsible for ensuring sterile supplies across the hospital in the most timely, efficient & cost-effective manner.

The latest Harvard Business Review on ‘How Digital Transformation Can Improve Hospitals’ Operational Decisions’ discusses about digital transformation to improve quality & efficiency in hospital operations. This holds true for the CSSD as well. In a highly cost intensive department, every penny saved is every penny earned.

Getinge’s Total Documentation, also known as T-DOC, is a digital sterile supply management solution that aims at optimum utilization, improved throughput & end-to-end traceability of instruments.

  • T-DOC offers tracking and traceability of single instruments & trays during each of the processes within the CSSD and across hospital departments
  • Real-time tracking of these improves inventory utilization, reduces time required for searching instruments / trays and minimizes risk of human errors
  • T-DOC can interface with the Operating Room to ensure instruments are sterilized as per surgical schedule, prioritized as per requirement, and are tagged to the patient as per its use
  • With KPI reports and visual dashboards, managing CSSD operations & its cost becomes more meaningful & easier with T-DOC
  • Regulatory compliance, optimum repair & maintenance and apt inventory management are some of the key deliverables of T-DOC

Alike other products from Getinge’s Digital Health Solution Portfolio, T-DOC is futuristic & scalable and can be build from a minimalistic configuration to a comprehensive solution over time. With an option to seamlessly integrate with the Hospital’s HIS, T-DOC mimics the departmental workflow. It eases out the burden on staff training & sensitization, with an intuitive, visual & user-friendly interface.

Getinge T-DOC has an install base of over 2500 over more than 70 countries across the globe. With an experience of more than 25 years into product development, Getinge prides in one of the largest Super CSSD installations in the World with T-DOC. Adding value since 1992, T-DOC is the next big revolution for CSSDs in India for a comprehensive, customized, and efficient digital transformation.

Ms. Shabnoor Hirani Bhalerao
Product Manager – Digital Health Solutions & Surgical Workflow Products, Getinge Medical India P L | + posts