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Renascent Consultants

Founded in 2012
Location: New Delhi

Architectural Discipline: 
Specialises in  Architecture, Engineering, Landscape and Interior Design with focus on: Healthcare, Medical Education, University Education & Institutional, Industrial, Residential and Hospitality & Commercial Architecture.

Bakul Chandra, Varun Agarwal, Dushyant Kumar & Parul Agarwal, the four main constituents of this firm, bring a wealth of exposure, experience and expertise to the table. The firm has over time secured a position in the industry as one of the more reliable firms that operate as a highly professional partner for design consultancy.

” We follow a fresh solution oriented approach, which results in distinctive high quality building structures and environments.” 

Speciality Focus
As highlighted earlier, we deal with a number of design verticals though it will be fair to say that we typically focus on two, namely, Healthcare & Education. Within these two very broad verticals, we as a team of Architects & Engineers, deal with the entire spectrum of design and its process. In our organization, there are no fixed assignments for any member; we rather believe in training ourselves in all aspects of design irrespective of whether one is an architect or an engineer. Each person is typically equipped to deal with issues concerning architectural design, structural design, services design, and interior design. This has enabled us to work as a community where everyone is free to float and discuss ideas as may be deemed necessary.


RENASCENT as an organization was built with an aim to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the construction industry. We follow a fresh solution-oriented approach, which results in distinctive high-quality building structures and environments. Our commitment is to find the most appropriate design for each project that we deal with by leveraging our deep domain knowledge.

We are backed with an exceptional panel of well-qualified efficacious experts & good infrastructure, and the quality of the projects we involve ourselves with, by all means, do meet contemporary trends in terms of both aesthetics and function. We strive hard to contribute towards sustainable design and development as well.


Our mantra has always been that ‘free advice has no value’ and there is no value without the right attitude, approach, thinking and ethics. These very principles have guided us throughout our professional journey. The business end is always taken care of if adherence to principles is not compromised. Accordingly, to be honest, our USP is that our fee is a small fraction of the savings we ensure for our clients rather than coming out from their pockets.

Market served

We are primarily catering to the domestic market and have done only three projects in other countries, namely, Philippines & Nepal (Sugar Industry) and Gabon, Africa (Crocodile Breeding Farm).


PARAS Super-Speciality Hospital
& Oncology Centre

Panchkula (Haryana)   
PROJECT STATUS : Operational

This multi-Super-speciality Hospital is the flagship of the Paras Group of Hospitals who wanted to develop the first 225-bed multi-Super-specialty Hospital in the city, aimed at providing specialized state-of-the-art tertiary care to patients to the entire region. The shape of the building, a result of the site conditions, is now gaining popularity as “The Ship” as it conveys the look of an anchored ship (being located next to a stream). A perfect triangle, for obvious reasons, was not a functionally feasible option. As such, the first task was to further fine-tune the outer profile by introduction of off-sets and curvilinear surfaces. 

The bulk of the building was then lightened by introduction of reasonably large atrium-like courtyards which not only helped in percolation of natural light in the interior spaces and also took care of waiting areas for patients and attendants apart from visitors to this facility. Punctures were then made on the external façade such that each room or activity space gets the view of adjoining hills and flora surrounding the site providing natural healing and comfort to all users of this building.

SIGNATURE Super-Speciality

Gurgaon (Haryana)
PROJECT STATUS : Operational

This 300-Bed multi-Super-speciality Hospital is the flagship of the Park Group of Hospitals. The client’s brief was simply to create a facility wherein the lines between healthcare and hospitality are blurred i.e. create a facility which has the look and feel of a high-end hotel. Thus, there is clear focus towards patient experience and comfort. All the common areas including administration were typically grand and plush without compromising on the overall functionality of the building specially the technical & clinical areas.

Graphic Era Hospital
Dehradun, Uttarkhand

PROJECT STATUS : Part Operational / Under Construction

This 900-Bed multi-Super-speciality facility is actually a Teaching Hospital being constructed as part of a proposed Medical College Project. However, the Client’s vision is to develop this as a Corporate Hospital following the prescribed norms of the National Medical Commission with state-of-the-art equipment and spaced design for ultimate patient experience and comfort.

Scope of work

The Scope of Work in all the above projects is Master Plan Development, Architectural Design, Structural Design, MEP System Design (Electrical, Plumbing, Fire & HVAC), Medical Equipment Layout Planning & Co-ordination with OEM, Furniture Layouts & Interior Design of all requisite areas, External Elevation Design and Project Management Consultancy (PMC) works including co-ordination of Civil Works/ MEP Services/ MGPS/ Elevators, Lifts, etc./ Bio-medical Waste Management Systems/ Mortuary/ CSSD/ Laundry Systems/ Kitchen & Cafeteria Equipment/ Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant Systems/ Solar Power Systems/ Electrical Sub-stations, etc.

Philosophly on Healthcare Design & Architecture

Our forte is functional space planning along with equipment planning. Moreover, since we offer a single-window consultancy, it saves time and effort in coordinating various activities during design and construction. This helps in optimizing both time and space for our clients which is a clear financial gain for them. 

Our firm’s philosophy on Healthcare Design & Architecture is based on the following principles: (i) Functionality suitable to all sections of the society; (ii) Cost-effective hospital layout through efficiency in space-function programming, circulation & movement networks and sharing of similar use-space(s) as far as possible; (iii) Expandable and Flexible Design; (iv) Therapeutic Environment Design; (v) Cleanliness and Sanitation, facilitated by use of appropriate and durable finishes & materials for each functional space; (vi) Access control and accessibility comfort as per norms; and (vii) Visual & functional aesthetics.

The design environment has been quite dynamic for some time now; be it with the tremendous developments in technology or the ever-changing aesthetics of the clients. Education never ends and as such constant updating knowledge base is critical to remain relevant.

Future of Healthcare Design

The healthcare industry has undergone immeasurable challenges and changes throughout the last two years. Driven by the demands of the pandemic, hospitals and healthcare systems are finding new ways to adapt to emerging pressures and best serve their patients, including updating the built environment. Looking back at the obstacles the healthcare industry has overcome in the past two years and the opportunities it has embraced, it is inspiring to acknowledge the impressive design solutions that emerged. Looking forward, these advancements in healthcare design will ultimately bring comfort and hope to patients, families and valuable workers.

Fortunately, our firms design philosophy as outlined above fits perfectly with the current and future requirements. However, a truly forward-thinking look at healthcare design will appreciate the exponential growth of technology, and hospitals of today will be designed with the technology of the future in mind. Healthcare is increasingly shifting towards patient-centred care to improve the patient experience and deliver better health outcomes. 

Keeping the above in mind, it is clear that some trends are here to stay while some are a work in progress. Irrespective, they are going to influence healthcare design and delivery. The same being:

• Design Flexibility & Maintenance Protocols
• Design Optimization due to impact of virtual and remote healthcare diagnosis, and, in some cases, treatment. 
• Design shift towards hospitality-influenced facilities rather than clinical & cold institutional facilities. 
• Biophilic Design is the trend which will gain more traction moving forward.
• Utilising smart technology will be the transformative foundation to enable better performance, customer experience and health outcomes.

While the health sector faces growing challenges, adapting to these core design trends will help to ensure hospitals of the future better serve their communities and adapt to changing needs.
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